Katie Hopkins slammed for admitting she refuses to talk to “fat children” in offensive Twitter rant

Her comments did not sit well with some users of the social networking site

Katie Hopkins

by Owen Tonks |
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Katie Hopkins has felt the wrath of her Twitter followers yet again after claiming she refuses to talk to overweight children.

The former Apprentice loser made the bold statement during a rant on the social media site in reaction to the country’s top doctor, Professor Dame Sally Davies, who has called for larger plane passengers to pay a tax.

Ex Celebrity Big Brother housemate Katie tweeted: “Dame Sally rescued me after a double shoulder dislocation. Now she’s signed up for a Fat Tax for Fat Flyers. Love her.

“If the country’s top doctor wants a fat tax for fat fliers then it’s time we started weighing in when we check in.

“I refuse to sit next to fat people on a plane. And I refuse to speak to fat children. Like good yoghurts, it keeps my life fat free.”

Katie’s comments didn’t go down well with some fans, with many hitting out at her for her harsh words.

Using cockney rhyming slang, one person tweeted: “Jesus woman. You really are an attention seeking James Blunt!!”

Another person wrote: “You are quite vile. It’s not a child’s issue, it’s parents to blame. You should have a lengthy look in the mirror. Former admirer.”

Someone else posted: “I would refuse to talk to her as she has a face similar to one of those photos of neglected horses.”

And another Twitter user wrote: “I feel the same about people with big noses who are rude and ugly on the inside with amazing arrogance and no humility. U R so UGLY!”

The news comes after Katie was compared to “Piers Morgan on steroids” by Alan Sugar following her appearance on his show, The Apprentice, in 2007.

Lord Sugar told The Times Magazine: “Her niche is to be obnoxious and controversial and it’s a shtick.

“She’s just trying to make herself famous. She’s chosen a niche in the market for herself.

“She’s become Piers Morgan on steroids, if there could be such a thing.”

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