Is Katie Middleton planning baby number 3?

Another royal baby? ALREADY? We're not sure if we can handle the excitement

by Laurence Mozafari |
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Another one? What? Surely not? Already? Kate Middleton is not a cat, surely she can't be thinking of having another one already? Well, according to royal insiders K-Middy could be planning a THIRD ROYAL BABY.

The Express reports that a source close the beloved royal couple says that Kate Middleton wants “at least three children”.

The source explained: “Kate is one of three and is very close to her sister Pippa and brother James. Although the Cambridges already have a boy and a girl they haven’t definitely decided to stop there.


"They both benefited from growing up with siblings who were close in age. Of course Charlotte is still only a baby but in a year’s time, who knows?”

Who know? WHO KNOWS? KATE KNOWS! Sorry. We're getting too excited again.

There's just 20 months between Kate and her pert-bummed sister, Pippa. Meanwhile their brother James arrived four years after Pippa. And as we all know, William and Harry are around two years apart.

So when you bear all that family math in mind, the pitter patter of more tiny royal feet on big expensive rugs doesn't seem all that unlikely.

Kate turned 33 in January, and research suggests that mothers past their mid-thirties are more likely to experience complications with pregnancies.


This coupled with the fact the Duchess of Cambridge experienced a bad form of moring sickness with both her pregnancies, the first of which saw her hospitalised, means that she might consider another baby sooner, rather than later.

Both William Hill and Coral are leaning towards the baby being two years away. Both are offering odds of 2/1 on a royal baby threequel in 2017. Meanwhile, Paddy Power are favouring this year with odds of 4/1 for 2016 and 9/4 for 2017.

Well, if it's this year, next year or any year, we are so up for another royal. If you fancy trying to guess the next royal baby's name, then why not trying out our Royal Baby Name Generator below...

Prince George reacts to the birth of Princess Charlotte


Prince George reacts to birth of new royal baby

baby-george61 of 9


"Wait a minute - WHAT? Since when were we getting a new baby?"

baby-george42 of 9


"Dunno what you're laughing at, baby. Just wait 'til you see the dress you'll be wearing to your christening"

baby-george93 of 9



baby-george74 of 9


"Eurgh. Nice little button nose..."

baby-george35 of 9


"No Grandma, you couldn't just 'eat that baby all up.' Saying that, maybe you should give it a go - see what happens..."

baby-george56 of 9


"Just look at you dribbling all over yourself. Pathetic."

baby-george17 of 9


"What's the point."

baby-george88 of 9


"OK, this isn't funny anymore - when are we sending this thing back."

baby-george109 of 9


"Let go of me, Mother. Life's not worthing living anymore."

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