A ‘Jane Pountney’ account has appeared on Twitter, it claims not all of Katie Price’s cheating tweets are true

Jordan's best friend is said to have betrayed her pal by sleeping with the glamour model's husband but all may not be as it seems


by Olivia Cooke |
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Until this morning, we’d never even heard of Jane Pountney – and then Katie Price made a series of sensational claims about her close friend via a series of tweets.

As you’ll have seen by now, Katie claims that Jane is having an affair with her husband of 16 months, Kieran Hayler.

We immediately tried to tack down Jane on Twitter, but there was nothing… until about an hour ago when an unverified account claiming to belong to Jane suddenly sprung up.

The messages are all very defensive and imply that Katie Price isn’t telling the whole story.

However, we have so far been unable to confirm if this is a genuine account.

So, what's going on on @JanePoutney_'s feed? Whoever is behind these tweets, it’s clear that they think Jane needs defending.

“#KatiePrice I think people need to ask before they assume. What Katie is saying is complete bullshit to put it bluntly.

“I can't say it's not true, because that would be lying. But I can say that not all of it is true. Infact, Kate is covering her own back.

“And I know what I've done is wrong. Believe me I do. But to disgrace me the way people have before they know the truth, is completely wrong.”

And just when we thought this story couldn’t get any more dramatic.

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