Katie Price stripped NAKED at a Christmas party

She had a bit of a mare TBH

Katie Price Christmas party

by Ruby Norris |
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It's Christmas party season and most mornings in the office are spent with our heads in our hands, filled with deep regret from the night before as we remember we told our boss all about our recent heartbreak and cried to Keith from accounts because we just want someone to love us, you know?

Just us? OK.

It's pretty embarrassing but nothing, NOTHING compares to how Katie Price must have felt the morning after her EnergySave Christmas party appearance.

If publicly declaring her ex Dane Bowers as the 'love of her life' (read all about that here) wasn't enough, Katie went on a bit of a massive bender, got naked and blew her nose on the tablecloth.

Katie Price Christmas party


Katie and Dane were paid £13,000 to appear at the party, but now organiser Jason Rowan is demanding his money back after Katie's wild behaviour.

According to The Mirror, Jason said: "She was drunk when she arrived and as the evening went on she just got worse and worse. She was a total nightmare."

Oh, hun.

Speaking to The Sun, another worker who attended the party commented: "Katie was drunk when she got there and things just got worse as the booze flowed.

"She was outrageous. She blew her nose on a tablecloth thinking it was a napkin and grabbed Mr Rowan’s leg under the table.

"She asked him if he was going to sleep with her or his wife and Mrs Rowan was furious and gave her a piece of her mind."

Literally, what a mare.

Katie was also apparently caught stripping off in the loos and was just hangin' around in her thong and thigh-high boots in front of party-goers, including the event organiser's 16-year-old daughter.

At one point she was kicked off the stage after declaring her love for Dane Bowers and calling the guest "f_king little sl_gs."

Live your best life, Katie hun.


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