Katie Price: ‘Kieran Hayler had sex with Jane Pountney while I was in the hospital recovering from Jett’s birth’

The revelations about Kieran Hayler just keep getting worse.


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Another week, another sordid revelation aboutKatie Price's torrid love life. This time, the glamour model has claimed her cheating third husband Kieran Hayler had sex in her holiday home while she was in hospital with baby Jett.

As heat reported back in May, Kieran had sex with Katie's ex-best friend Jane Pountney in their marital bed… so this is actually old news.

Speaking to the Sun, Jordan explained how she had been rushed to hospital last summer while on a family holiday with Kieran, Jane and Jane's husband Derrick when her waters broke.

Once she arrived at the foreign hospital and gave birth to baby Jett, Kieran left her there and went back to their holiday villa to have sex with Jane, Katie claims.

heat reported back in May that Kieran had cheated with Jane in his and Katie's bed
heat reported back in May that Kieran had cheated with Jane in his and Katie's bed

"I saw Kieran briefly in recovery where he showed me a picture of Jett. I was allowed to hold him for a further 30 seconds before he was taken away again and Kieran said, 'I'm going now'," she said.

"I thought to myself, 'What the hell is going on?'

"There isn't one time I can remember Kieran saying, 'Well done babes, we've had a baby'."

So what did Katie do next? Umm. She called her hairdresser to fly all the way to France to put her hair extensions back in. Yup.

"I felt so vulnerable after the birth and all my worst insecurities came back to haunt me," she continued.

"I was stuck in hospital for a further four days feeling more and more ugly so I had people in to do my nails and eyebrows. I wanted to be able to say, 'Kieran, you've got me back'."

So what was Jane up to all this time? Well - aside from screwing Kieran all over their luxury villa - she turned up to the hospital to meet the newborn baby and apparently burst into tears while holding him.

"It's because she wanted it to be hers and Kieran's child and that memory makes me feel sick," Jordan reckons.

Katie, who is eight months' pregnant with her fifth child, found out about Kieran and Jane's affair in May and threatened to divorce her cheating husband on Twitter.

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