Kieran Hayler now has a tattoo of Katie Price

And FIT JAY Hutton from Tattoo Fixers did it

Katie Price with husband Kieran Hayler at the Cheltenham Festival in March 2016.

by Georgina Terry |


This is about the most exciting news you will hear today or any day.

Kieran Hayler has had a tattoo of his wife Katie Price done somewhere on his body.

Where on his body we do not know, but are laying money on mid-thigh or across the pecs.

Jay Hutton, Tattoo Fixers’ resident FIT LORD, posted a picture of himself and Kieran and Junior - Katie’s son with Peter Andre - in the tattoo studio.

And he said he spent the day doing the tatt, which suggests to heat that’s it’s a BIG one.

Not only that, Katie herself has been in touch with Jay saying she wants something done!

What could she be covering? We’re going for the ‘Leo’ she has on her leg.

Which, knowing Tattoo Fixers, we predict will be covered with a crying clown skull the size of a dinner plate.

Pictures of Kieran’s Katie tatt have yet to emerge (although we’re doing our very best to get them - never fear) but here’s some examples of Jay’s work to give us an idea of what to expect:


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