Katie Price would RAISE the age on cosmetic surgery from 18 to 21 if she was Prime Minister – and give the Houses of Parliament a “glitzy” makeover

Just imagine if Jordan WAS actually PM…

Katie Price

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Just imagine if Katie Price was Prime Minister.

Envisage her talking candidly about her boobs to Ed Miliband in the House of Commons. Visualise her wearing pink in Parliament. And what about Twitter? She’d have to tone that all RIGHT down.

She’s done an interview with The Independent in the run up to the General Election, and imagined just that.

It’s actually really interesting, too.

“If I were Prime Minister, the first thing I would do would be to change the law around cosmetic surgery, increasing the age limit from 18 to 21,” Katie told the newspaper.

“That may be surprising to many people, but having undergone a few surgeries myself, it is something I passionately believe in.

“External pressure on young girls growing up today results in too many turning to surgery at a very young age. Are they having surgery to try and please themselves, or is it to try and please other people?

“Like all procedures, cosmetic surgery carries risks, and they are risks that you are better equipped to understand at 21.”

Good points, KP. We are LIKING this.

She also touches on protecting elderly people living in nursing homes, as well as a poignant message about rolling out access for disabled people on transport – as well as at places like amusement parks.

“For special days out, theme parks are a great release,” Katie explains.

“It's a time you can share together, but unfortunately I often find myself on the ground with Harvey just waving at other family members as they enjoying themselves, because the rides don't cater for the disabled.

“I'd like accessibility to be for everyone. I appreciate not all rides can do this, but there should be 25 per cent of rides that allow all family members to experience them together.”

Well said, Katie.

Of course, she signs off with a typical Jordanism. She wants a glitzy Houses of Parliament. BUT OF COURSE.

“I’d certainly change the dull dark wood and leather green seating in Parliament for some glitz and glamour!”

Never change, Katie, never change.

You can't be a PM dressed like that, Katie


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