Katie Price opens up about her night with Simon Cowell

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Katie Price and Simon Cowell

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It was recently revealed that Katie Price MIGHT have spent the night together in 2010 after she returned home drunk the morning after a “business meeting.”

The accusations were brought to light by her ex, Leandro Penna, who told The Sun on Sunday: "I asked her if she'd f*cked Simon and she said, 'No, of course not.'

"She was angry, she asked where I got that from.

"In the end I told her: 'I'd read the texts, you lie.' We barely spoke for the next few weeks."

Since then, everyone from David Walliams to Sinitta has had their say on the – frankly, disturbing – matter (p.s. Sinitta wasn't happy and her reaction was priceless LOL).

Katie Price and Simon Cowell

Katie has denied these allegations, but as opened up about ANOTHER occasion which saw her spend the night in Simon's bed.


Katie has revealed that in the very early days of her career Simon invited her back to his London mansion and the pair spent the night in bed together.


Speaking to The Sun, Katie who was single at the time, explained the pair had been at the Comedy Awards together and revealed: "I’d had a lot to drink and he invited me back to his place.

"I got undressed and we got into bed together. His bedclothes were all white.

"He had a really hairy chest and I got this real sense of being with a man for the first time."

Katie Price and Simon Cowell

O.M.G. We have so many visions we literally cannot deal with right now.

Katie then added: "I stayed the night with him and he got me a car home in the morning.

"We had fun but we did not have sex."

Good to know, hun. Good to know.

KP also opened up about the complicated nature of her and Simon's friendship, saying: "It would have been nice to have a relationship but I don’t think he ever saw it that way."

Can you even imagine? Maybe somewhere there's some sort of parallel universe where Katie Price and Simon Cowell are the definition of #couplegoals and reign over the music business as the King and Queen of showbiz. Maybe.


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