Has Katie Price just made up with Victoria Beckham? ‘I’m Nemo in a sea, she’s a whale’. Maybe not, then.

Katie Price has opened up about her onging feud with Victoria Beckham and all is not as it seems


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Ah, Katie Price. Your FUBAR radio show gems just keep on a-comin'. Today the Pricey opened up about THAT feud with Victoria Beckham… and kind of made amends? Sort of? But not really?

Speaking to her co-presenter Mark Dolan on the online radio station, Jordan talked about THAT awkward Vine of Posh trying to avoid Samuel L Jackson at the Wimbledon final on Sunday - and delivered a bit of a shot at the haterz.

"They [other celebs] will always bigger and better than whoever you are. Is this really news, who gives a shit? Who wants to know their conversation?" she asked.

Conversation quickly turned to Katie's feud with Victoria, which BACKGROUND STORY ALERT all kicked off 15 years ago when Posh ALLEGEDLY sung a rather bitchy song SUPPOSEDLY ABOUT JORDAN in front of eyewitnesses.

Since then there's been a string of jibes and jabs along the way, with Katie criticising her rival for not mentioning how much childcare help she gets in a column penned in March last year.

BACK TO THE PRESENT MOMENT and Jordan explained to Mark:

Years ago she [Posh] sang the song Who Let The Dogs Out? in the Man United lounge and in a nightclub David Beckham held my hand behind her back. Pete [Andre] went up to her years ago to say I didn't have a problem and she said to him, 'It is what it is'.

But that's okay because there are no ill feelings between them anymore. Right, Katie? Riiiiight?

"I have no problem [with Posh]. Anyone who knocks her is jealous."

When asked whether VB deserves to be famous, Jordan said: "She has worked hard, she was with David, she was in a famous girl band, they played it well and had good management … I think she would avoid me."

What makes you say that, Jords?

"A few years ago I was checking in to a Virgin flight, they told me she [Posh] found out I was in First Class and she changed her flight to get on another one. I'm Nemo in the sea, she’s a whale – a bigger fish in the sea I mean."


Alright guys leave it, she's called a truce alright?

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