Katie Salmon BLASTS Gary Beadle for Love Island slating

Is it a reality TV war? We do hope so

Katie Salmon Love Island

by Georgina Terry |
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Is there anything greater than a cross-reality TV romance?

Only one thing: a reality TV WAR.

And it looks like we could have one on our hands,

In the blue corner is Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle, who seems to be styling himself as some kind of Katie Hopkins for the Tinder generation with his anyone-baiting column for Daily Star online.

In the red corner is Love Island's Katie Salmon.

It's a heavy-weight vs. a bantam weight, basically. Which makes Gaz's punching down pretty baffling.

Ranting about Twitter in his column, Gaz said: "If you are from Love Island you will not be getting a response. Wait until Ascot and go and flash a tit or something."

Gaz Beadle

A clear reference to Katie, who infamously flashed a boob at the races. But a little hypocritical coming from a man whose parsnip we've seen more times than we care to think about.

Except we do think about Gary Beadle's penis. We think about it a lot.


Katie has bitten back at Gaz and she hasn't pulled any punches.

"Gary Beadle, a man who couldn't be any more bitter if he tried," she told the Daily Star online.

"He tries to look down from his self built pedestal - and throw shade on us mere mortals of reality land…

Jemma Lucy

"Nowadays, I only read about him when he's slagging us off or shagging blow-up dolls cough Jemma Lucy cough."

Ooh, Katie. Do you want to face the wrath of Jemma Lucy? Do you though? Then you're a braver woman than us.

And TBF, there's a lot more to Gaz right now than just appearing in Ex On The Beach.

There was that giant tattoo he got on his hand.

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