Katie Waissel calls Cheryl Fernandez-Versini a ‘nasty, horrible human’

And if she saw her again she’d tell her to “f**k off” apparently…

Katie Waissel

by Anna Lewis |
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Oh Katie Waissel. Why so angry?

The* X Factor* star has had ANOTHER dig at Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, calling her a ‘nasty, horrible human’.


    The 29 year old – who starred in the show in 2010 – has blasted her former mentor in the latest issue of Bella magazine, and it ain’t pretty.


    “I thought her behaviour was shady and unnecessary – she publicly slammed me in her book without saying anything to my face.

    “But when she was my mentor, she kept trying to be my best friend and steal my cigarettes. I personally thought she was nasty, a horrible human and completely not genuine.

    “Cheryl was charming when she had to be. But behind closed doors she was so different,” she added.

    Katie went on to say that maybe Cheryl should call time on her X Factor career.

    “Last year she tried to be really controversial. Cheryl’s very concerned about the public’s opinion.

    “She wasn’t hugely popular last year and that’s why she’s gone down the nice road on this series. I feel after this she should really take a break.”

    The singer concluded her rant by saying that if she ever saw Cheryl again, she only had one thing to say to her… “F**k off.”


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