Katy Perry bleaches her eyebrows. It does NOT look good

Katy Perry decided to follow in Miley Cyrus' footsteps…


by Anna Lewis |
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Oh dear. Looks like Katy Perry has lost the plot – and her eyebrows…

Unfortunately, the* Fireworks* singer has jumped on the-who-needs-eyebrows bandwagon, following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus, who also bleached her brows back in November.

Miley bleached her eyebrows previously - luckily it's grown out now...
Miley bleached her eyebrows previously - luckily it's grown out now...

Katy debuted this new look in an Instagram post, which was captioned: “BAUSS BISH BB □□”, which according to the younger members of Team heat means she’s a boss b*tch baby.

But it wasn’t just Katy’s blonde eyebrows that were alarming us in the snap – the 29-year-old has also slicked her brunette hair back into two bright green braided baubles on the top of her head.

And don’t get us started on those ‘80s nails…


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