Katy Perry has gone naked for Moschino

She must be quite chilly

Katy Perry

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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To state the totally bleeding obvious the singer is naked in this Moschino advert save for a strategically-placed coat, and she looks FIT AS.

Last time we were naked apart from a tactically positioned coat it was when we had to answer the door to get our Amazon delivery mid-shower and couldn’t find our dressing gown.


    Katy has clearly been in this situation too and wanted to recreate the moment and commiserate with us, too.

    Yes, the delivery guy totally noticed that one leg was shaved and the other was all hairy. IT WAS BAD.

    Anyway, Katy’s lasered her leg hair off, or whatever it is they do in LA. Forward thinking, Katy, we admire that.

    She also posted more photos from the shoot where she’s wearing actual clothes, and wrote: “THE FACE OF MOSCHINO”. In caps.

    It’s also important to note that Taylor Swift hasn’t been the face of Moschino yet, though we imagine she’ll be hot on Katy’s heels by the end of the year.

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