Katy Perry is mistaken for Justin Bieber following DRASTIC new haricut


by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
Published on

Katy Perry is undoubtedly a trend setter. Remember that blue wig from the California Gurls video? Literally EVERYONE who went to a festival in 2010 wore one with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. SO GOOD.

She's never been afraid to change up her look by undergoing some major hair switches. Following her recent break up from Orlando Bloom (sob), she decided to cut her usually long dark locks into a shorter, platinum blonde which we were SO into.

And now the singer has decided to get her hair cut even shorter, debuting a buzz cut so slick that we're putting bets down that everyone will be rocking one by the summer.

Katy uploaded a picture of herself by a pool, of COURSE with giant unicorn/flamingo inflatables that we need in our lives RN. She's looking at the sun, the view looks spectacular and the whole thing is just cool AF.

But her fans were kinda confused, and many were convinced that it wasn't Katy at all - instead, they were adamant that it was really Justin Bieber.

In a conspiracy theory to top even that of Larry Stylinson, Instagram users proclaimed that she was the one and only JB.

Erm - guys, it's clearly Katy Perry. Like, obviously. So breathe people. BREATHE.

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