Katy Perry started following ‘Slutty Taylor Swift’ on Instagram, but it’s NOT what you think!

Katy's revenge for Taylor pulling out THAT shark during her concert.


by Maria Vallahis |
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OMG the Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry feud is getting pretty LOL-full.

And this new information adds to the hilarity of the situation, because Katy has just followed an Instagram account called 'SluttyTaylorSwift' - but it's not what you think at all. No, it's not filled with images of Taylor looking like a slut.

In fact, it's a random blonde girl who appears to be the anti-Taylor Swift.

And although it's a subtle insult from Katy, we'll take it as one directed straight at Tay-Tay.


The California Girls singer currently only follows 202 people and SluttyTaylorSwift still appears at the top of her Insta-following list. We don't want to laugh, but you have to admit, it's quite funny.

Katy's ACTUAL following list on Instagram.

This all began when Katy allegedly hired out all of Taylor's dancers in the middle of her tour, and it has been escalating ever since.

Taylor catches the shark over her left shoulder...

Taylor's track Bad Blood is also meant to be written about Katy and last year KP tweeted: "Watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing..."

Since then it's gotten much worse and we can't take all the "indirects".

Then Tay laughing immediately after seeing the shark!

Katy's new-following comes straight after it seemed to be Taylor's turn to take a dig: Tay-Tay was singing Bad Blood at a recent concert and in the background appeared a stuffed shark puppet.

This **HAS got to be a dig at Katy. Remember during Katy's halftime show at this year's Super Bowl performance? YES! Katy had shark mascots which went viral, because people loved them.

In the numerous fan-posted videos of Taylor at her concert, Tay can be seen catching a glimpse of the shark puppet and letting out a little laugh.

Many audience members and fans at home interpreted the moment as a swipe towards Katy, who famously performed at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show with two dancers dressed in shark costumes.

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