Love Island’s Kaz Kamwi throws shade at Tyler Cruickshank following split

The Love Island 2021 star has hinted that she chose the wrong man...

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Love Island 2021 QUEEN Kaz Kamwi has thrown a whole lotta shade towards her ex Tyler Cruickshank following their split last December.

Taking to TikTok (where else?) on Valentine's Day, Kaz hinted that she had made the wrong decisions during her time in the Love Island villa as she mimed to a video with the text, "When you mugged off a good guy for a bad guy and now you're single on Valentines Day."


Kaz's followers headed to the comments to admit that they think she's taking about how she ditched Irish Matthew McNabb for Tyler Cruickshank after he returned from Casa Amor with Clarisse Juliette. Despite Tyler bringing back a new girl, Kaz soon forgave him and they ended the show as finalists.

One wrote, " Ngl we were all team Matthew trying to tell you through our TV screens", while another questioned, "Matthew and Tyler?".

Another added, "Nobody is shocked or surprised sis. You walked straight into this ALL THE RED FLAGS WERE RED AF 😂❤️."

Kaz and Tyler vowed to stay friends when they announced their split in December. In their joint statement they said, "We will continue to be very much in one another’s lives and support each other in every way.

"We are so grateful that we have shared this Love Island experience with each other, and we will continue to support each other’s careers."

Tyler was recently heat's Torse Of The Week. An incredible accolade. ©heat

Over the past two months Kaz and Tyler have remained relatively quiet about the split, but they have both opened up more in recent months, with Kaz saying she felt "unappreciated in the relationship".

Earlier this month, Tyler admitted that he was pushed to breaking point by trolls who ruined his relationship and the pressure to be perfect was just too much.

He told The Sun, "Her comment about not feeling appreciated saddened me.

"I do care about Kaz. .. I appreciated her more than she would ever know. I don’t think I was in the right mental state to appreciate her the way she wanted to be appreciated, perhaps.

"But I confided in her about things I’ve never told anyone. It made me sad watching that video."

Kaz really opened up about their relationship in a YouTube channel titled "Where have I been? An honest chat."

Opening up about their split, Kaz admitted, "Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, that's fine. A lot of people saw things I didn't see at the time. I was very naïve."

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Kaz Kamwi - fashion influencer

Before heading into the villa, Kaz was already an influencer (with 71k followers) and could have been earning up to £1,000 per post. So annually she could have been making £57,200.

"I learnt so much from that break-up and period of time. At the end of the day some relationships work and some relationships just don't, and this one just didn't.

"I was never faking it, I never acted up online for it, I was very myself and I was how I would be in any other relationship.

"I gave my 100%, and I don't think I was fully appreciated, but that's just life, sometimes that happens and that's ok."

During her open and honest chat, Kaz also addressed her absence from the platform and confessed that for the first time she had lost her confidence.

While Kaz tried to regain her confidence in private, she decided it would be better to bring her fans along for the journey with her.

The Love Island 2021 star described her struggles with anxiety in the past few months and admitted, "Words people have said and used and thrown my way have actually affected me."

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Kaz continued, "I started having a me versus me battle. I feel like if a hair is out of place, if my make-up's not right, if one of my eyebrows isn't like alright, I'm like someone's gonna say something and then I'm gonna look at myself and be like 'yeah, you need to just fix yourself.'"

She finished the video on a positive note, saying, "Now that I understand why I've been feeling how I've been feeling I think it's easier for me to just move forward openly, again."

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