Keisha from the Sugababes tried to use her Wikipedia page to buy wine

We've all been there, eh?

keisha buchanan sugababes

by Polly Foreman |

We've used many an excuse to attempt to buy alcohol in our time – leaving our ID in our car that we're DEFINITELY old enough to drive, 'I haven't been ID'd in 10 years lolol', and the classic: 'I'M 35!!!'

But one excuse never available to us is being a FOUNDING member of the actual Sugababes (formed in 1998).

keisha buchanan sugababes

Keisha Buchanan (32 years old) utilised this very one at the weekend after trying and failing to buy a bottle of wine. When asked for ID, she used her Wikipedia page (which is pretty impressively long, FYI) as ID.

But it didn't work.

keisha buchanan sugababes

She tweeted: "I just tried to buy wine with no ID & was denied! Apparently I look 17 years old & pulling out my wiki didn't work either lol #Annoying."

Maybe sort your Wiki out with a slightly less blurry pic, Keisha?

Is anyone else REALLY missing the Sugababes RN?



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