Kelly Clarkson’s had a baby! And his name is ODD

Kelly Clarkson

by Georgina Terry |

Kelly Clarkson has had her baby.

Well done, Kelly Clarkson!

The American Idol winner announced the news and the baby's name on Twitter, which we thoroughly approve of.

Remington Alexander Blackstock.

It's got… a ring to it, for sure.

And is also the name of a hair and personal grooming range e.g. the Remington Fuzz Away.

But, who are we to say?

For all we know, Kelly may think that e.g. Georgina is a very silly name.

And maybe she has a strong affiliation with Remington products. We're pretty sure we'd call our first born Rioja Camembert.


Young Remington is a little brother for River Rose Blackstock.

In conclusion: BABY.

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