Kelly Osbourne’s new boyfriend Ricki Hall tells heat down the pub: “It’s going really well, she’s great”

Reality star Kelly is all loved up with her bloke according to her, err, bloke


by Anna Lewis |
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Sometimes celebs just happen to us.

There we were, minding our own business outside a pub in Covent Garden last Monday evening, with our massive glass of wine, when a distinctive-looking man wandered over.

We muttered to friends that it was Ricki Hall, the 27-year-old British boyfriend of Kelly Osbourne, owner of a very unique beard and endless tattoos all over his body.

Just as we were Google-imaging him to triple check, he said hello.

“I’m Ricki,” he said as we shouted “HALL” back at him and then apologised for being creepy.

He seemed amused at our enthusiasm and was surprisingly unfazed. We chatted about the nice weather and he told us, “I’m off to LA next week to see my girlfried.” We shouted “KELLY”, and he laughed again.

“Yes, it’s the first time I’ve been over to see her there. She’s filming her E! fashion show. We’re both all over the place, so it’s nice to be able to go see her.”

He then added, “It’s funny because we’ve actually only been together a few weeks, but it’s going really well, she’s great.”

So how did his first meeting with Kelly’s parents, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, go?

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