Kendall Jenner accused of plastic surgery after this Instagram video

kendall jenner

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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The Kardashian’s aren’t shy about sharing saucy snaps of themselves on social media.

Did you see how Kim broke her social media silence with videos of scantily clad ladies shaking their bums and boobs?


And although Kylie is more than happy to flaunt her assets on Instagram, Kendall has also stepped up her game recently.

Remember that belfie, anyone?

(BELLY selfie, duh.)

But now the eldest Jenner sister is under fire from fans who are accusing her of going under the knife.

It all started when Kendall posted a video of herself, doing that thing that Instagram lasses seem to do these days – just pouting while moving their heads around a bit.

Captioned “That Estee Lauder glow”, Kendall looks flawless AF.

Seriously, her skin looks so flippin’ amazing that you’d be forgiven for thinking she was some sort of beautiful angel, dropped down from the heavens to give us a prod every time we fall asleep with mascara still caked onto our eyelashes.

However, her fans were pretty surprised by the video and have accused the model of having plastic surgery.

kendall jenner
kendall jenner
kendall jenner
kendall jenner

“Holy plastic surgery,” one wrote.

“Did you get botox? Your nose looks different. Omg please don’t follow your sister’s steps,” wrote another.

Some ignored the claims and told Kendall how fab she looked, like this user.

kendall jenner

(We’re pretty sure they missed out ‘million’ from this compliment.)

Kendall has always denied having any cosmetic surgery. Just last year she was also accused of having lip fillers like her little sister, Kylie, after photos emerged of the pair with swollen lips.

But does it REALLY matter if she has or hasn’t? NAH.

Whether or not she has had surgery, there’s one thing we’re one million per cent sure about.

She looks DA BOMB.

Keep doing you, Kendall, pet.

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