Kendall Jenner BEATS Kim and Kanye’s record for the most Instagram likes!

Kendall’s knocked Kimye off the top spot!

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Things could get heated in between the Kardashian’s and Jenners because Kendall has beaten a record set by Kim and Kanye.

Yes, Kendall’s knocked the couple off the top spot and has beaten their Instagram record for the most liked photograph on Twitter.

Kimye’s wedding snap gained around 2.47 million likes but Kendall’s snap of herself looking all angelic has got over a staggering 2.48 million.

Kendall seems pretty happy about it too…

We wonder how quickly Kim will try and win it back?


Kendall Jenner's 19th birthday in Instagram pictures

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Kimmy K posted this cute photo of her little sis blowing out all the candles. That cake looks YUMMY

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We know it was Kendall's big day and all, but HOW SHINY IS KYLIE'S HAIR?

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Where are Kim's eyebrows? Yep, she's bleached 'em off, but just temporarily for a shoot. At least Cara's make up for the lack of them though, eh?

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Awww! Big sis Kim posted this gorge shot of Kendall, captioning it: "To the sweetest girl in the world. Happy Birthday! I love you so much @kendalljenner"

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Kendall shared all her cute Insty Polaroids of her, her mates and her family

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Loadsa love (literally) and flowers for KJ on her 19th

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Looks like Kanye's loving those brows just as much as us...

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