Kendall Jenner’s got a massive snake tattoo on her arse


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by Polly Foreman |
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On our list of celeb tattoos we're really not sure about (see alsoChantelle Connelly's neck tattoo), the massive serpent inked on Kendall Jenner's arse is up there with the worst.

It's a bit… weird?

Luckily for Kendall, we're fairly sure this isn't the real deal. For one thing it's a massive fucking snake on her actual arse and no one in their right mind would do that. For another, it was for a shoot for V magazine where the cover theme is body art.

So either the mag got really bloody lucky cos Kendall so happened to have had a horrible snake tattooed on her just before the shoot, or they drew it on.

It's kinda growing on us, TBH.

In other Kardashian news, Kim Kardashian is BACK on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. And we couldn't be happier.

She posted an adorable snap of her with husband Kanye West and children North and Saint West captioned “family”.

Comments like “Welcome back Kim! We have missed you!” and “queen is back” poured in, and the post has already garnered 3.3million likes and counting.

She also posted a series of messages to fans on her Twitter page:

The posts included an adorable video of her family, which may or may not have made us cry a lil.

And today she returned with her first selfie on Snapchat, which is mega cute.


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