Have Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian fallen out over BEYONCE?!

And it’s all down to, er, Taylor Swift?

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by Emmeline Saunders |
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New Year, fresh start? Um, not in Kim Kardashian’s book – ever since former good friend Beyonce refused to attend her wedding to Kanye West last May, Queen Bey’s been crossed out of Kim’s address book.

And now baby sister Kendall Jenner is at risk of inflaming Kim’s temper EVEN FURTHER by making a secret phone call to Bey just before Christmas – and now Kim has found out allll about it. Uh-oh.

Our insider told heat: “Kim has banned her family from having anything to do with Beyonce, but Kendall is having a moment where she thinks she’ll be the biggest star in her family, and she no longer has to do everything her family tells her. She knows that Beyonce’s persona non grata to her family, but she doesn’t care.”

Fair. Last month, during Taylor Swift’s 25th birthday party at her New York apartment, Beyonce mentioned to Tay how Kendall was “different” from the “other” Kardashians. As all good gossips do, Taylor told Kendall about Bey’s comments the next time they hung out and even encouraged the 19-year-old to call Beyonce from her phone.

“Kendall was beside herself when Beyonce actually picked up,” our source continued. “Bey mentioned that she knew all about Kendall’s career – modelling for Chanel and Vogue, walking at Fashion Week.”

AMAZING! Obviously the news about the top-secret phone call reached Kim’s ears almost as soon as Kendall had hung up – but you’ll have to pick up today’s issue of heat magazine to find out about her explosive reaction!

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Kendall Jenner's 19th birthday in Instagram pictures

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