Kendall Jenner posts naked Easter bunny photoshoot to Instagram

...and she looked cracking. Cracking. GEDDIT?

Kendall Jenner naked

by Laurence Mozafari |
Published on

Kendall Jenner posted a naked picture to Instagram on Easter Sunday because that's probably what Jesus would've wanted.*

The 19-year-old model posted a raunchy black and white snap wearing nothing but a pair of bunny ears and a jumper.

She added the caption: "Woke up like □ Hoppy Easter!"

Not the best pun in the world, but we're a big fan of the bunny emoji.

Kendall has also starred in a bit of a risque Snapchat video, where her younger sister Kylie bizarrely stuck her hand down Kendall's kecks.

Why? Well, that's what all the kids are doing nowadays - being filthy on Snapchat. We're kidding. It was very weird and was flagged quite quickly as being inappropriate by Snapchat users. And we can only imagine that they're used to seeing some pretty smutty stuff.

*We're pretty sure that's not what he would've wanted.

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