Kendall Jenner reveals sister Kylie used to be jealous of her modelling career!

It's because Kylie's a Leo, appaz...


by Chloe Lawrance |
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Reality star turned fashion darling Kendall Jenner has revealed in a new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine that younger sister Kylie used to be jealous of her modelling career.

Whilst sibling rivalry is a common occurrence, having an older sister who walks in Chanel fashion shows and covers Vogue is not. So we can see why Kylie might have ended up with a case of the green eye monster. Kendall, however, puts Kylie's envy down to something else... er, her star sign.

“She's a Leo so she loves attention,” Kendall told Cosmopolitan, “and at certain points when we were younger, it bothered her that I was getting attention in terms of my modelling. I think that's a natural younger-sister thing – to be jealous. I was jealous of her at times too!”

Ah right, so that explains it... it's just a Leo thing...

Kendall went on to say that since Kylie's own modelling career has begin to blossom, their rivalry has disappeared. Instead the sisters are now very supportive of one another:

“Now she loves what I do and supports me.

“She's very into fashion and always texts me when I'm doing a big show like 'That is the sickest thing ever! How were the clothes?' It's as much a part of her life as it is mine.”

The model also revealed Kylie has an unpredictable side, describing her as a “wild card”:

“When she was little, she was always crazy, chatty, and all over the place. My brother [Brandon] would get a new girlfriend, and she would lock her out of the house in the rain just because she thought it was funny.”

What an absolute hoot. Remind us to never date a Kardashian-Jenner brother...

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