Kendall Jenner is a super-dorky dancer… but we kinda love it!

It wouldn’t be fair on the rest of us if she could dance

by Anna Lewis |

We were starting to think that Kendall Jenner was too damn good to be true.

Beautiful? Check. Slamming body? Check. Good personality? Check. Bucket loads of cash? Check? Dancing skills? Erm, not so much actually.


Luckily for the rest of womankind, it turns out Kendall is a pretty dorky dancer.

Vogue has posted a short video of Kendall, 19, having a little boogie during a recent shoot for the fashion magazine. But, let’s just say, she ain’t much of a graceful mover. But we kinda love it!

They captioned the video: “We teamed up with @esteelauder and @kendalljenner to introduce you to the #ModernMuse. In today's video, our heroine lets her hair down 3 ways, swinging and shaking in a smoky eye.”

Maybe stick to the pouting and leave the booty-shaking to Beyonce…

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