Kendall Jenner used an appetite-suppressing colour to paint her living room

TBF we could probs do with this post-Christmas

Kendall Jenner

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When we first noticed Kendall Jenner had opted for a totes cute pink shade of paint for her living room a few weeks ago we didn't really think much of it.

Partly because pink is kinda the best colour in our opinion (other colours are available obvs) so it makes total sense to paint your living room, bedroom, kitchen and loo in a lovely blush hue, and partly because it was Christmas time and quite frankly we had other things on our minds. 197419857185371 mince pies, all the presents we were expecting and flashbacks from the scandalous office Christmas party, to be precise.

Anyway, Kendall has now revealed the story behind the pink wall in a blog post entitled: The Story Behind My Pink Wall.

Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

And it turns out there's so much more to the pink wall than just a pink wall.

"I decided to paint it pink because while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the room, I went to dinner with friends and they had just gone to the 'Human Condition' exhibition at a former hospital in LA.

"They were telling me there's a pink room at the exhibit that had an explanation of the color choice: Baker-Miller Pink is the only color scientifically proved to calm you AND suppress your appetite. I was like, 'I NEED this color in my house!' I then found someone to paint the room and now I'm loving it!"


Turns out there is actually some science behind this.

According to the U.S. Naval Office of Research, who carried out a study into appetite-suppressing paints at the Health, Weight and Stress Clinic at Johns Hopkins University ('cos why not, eh?) more than one third of 1,700 people said that Baker-Miller pink actually reduced their appetite?

SO the paint in Kendall's living room could potentially stop her from devouring a 20 chicken McNugget meal, followed by a 12-pack of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and an evening spent sobbing in deep regret with the last traces of doughnut glaze mixing with her tears in the corner of her mouth….not that that's ever happened to us.


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