Kerry Katona calls in exorcists – blames her bad luck on ghosts!

Moving pencils, mystery voices and flickering lights…


by Ellie Henman |
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It turns out Kerry Katona has been haunted by a nasty ghost living in her posh house in the Chiltern Hills. Who’d have thought it?

According to Kerry and her husband, George Kay, they’ve seen pencils move without being touched, had lights flickering at random times and claim their dog goes batty when there’s no one around. And, as Kerry says: “we live in the middle of no-where”. Spooky.

To get some help, Kerry called in the Sun newspaper and an exorcist who claims her house is one of the most haunted he’s seen in his 16-year-career.

Poor old Kerry – she has been through the mill.“The amount of sh*t we’ve been through as a couple, most people don’t go through in a lifetime,” Kerry told the Sun.

“I know this sounds crazy but I’m convinced it was the ghosts that did [all] this.The negative energy has been following me all my life.

Is that the ghoul? No, it's George dressed up. Terrifying.
Is that the ghoul? No, it's George dressed up. Terrifying.

“I have a goal and then something bad always happens. Whether it’s drugs, divorce, bankruptcy, my exes’ affairs or George’s health scare.”

Yes, essentially Kerry believes ghouls have blighted her entire life. Some people online are a little dubious about her claims and have accused her of shifting the blame. You know, ghosts can’t spend all your money or make telephone calls to certain people about certain substances…

Luckily, the spirit – who apparently was a ‘sinister man’ – was banished after five hours and now Kerry and George can live their lives in peace. Let’s just hope another ghost doesn’t just walk through the wall and start ruining things for the couple all over again.

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