Chicken crust pizza’s now a thing. Yup.

Either complete genius or so, so wrong

KFC pizza

by Carl Smith |
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We've heard of some weird food combinations in our time. Wotsits and milk (yup, apparently delicious.) Hamburgers with peanut butter. Oreos dipped in orange juice. All slightly ridiculous; but they might've just been topped by KFC's latest creation.

FRIED CHICKEN CRUST PIZZA IS NOW A THING and it even has a name. Ladies and gentlemen; allow us to introduce you to the Chizza.

We're in no way joking. This is happening.

KFC pizza

KFC announced the latest addition to their menu saying: "Chicken or pizza? Get the best of both in one, with the #UltimateMashup," and we're not sure if it's the best thing ever to have happened to the world or just kinda...mad.

It's basically a fried chicken breast topped with pizza sauce (lovely), chicken ham (um...), pineapple (exotic), mozzerella (nice) and cheese sauce.

LOOK, you can even watch the ridiculousness unfold.



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