Khloe Kardashian ‘went ballistic’ over Tristan Thompson cheating allegations

She’s apparently days away from giving birth

khloe and tristan

by Ruby Norris |

Khloe Kardashian is reportedly just days away from giving birth in Cleveland, Ohio and, according to some media outlets, is already having early contractions.

While we’re still beyond excited for the arrival of the latest mini-Kardashian, the happy news has been tainted somewhat by the alarming revelations that Khloe’s boyfriend and baby daddy Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on her in New York.

ICYMI – footage, obtained by the Daily Mail, appears to show Tristan getting close to a brunette woman claimed to be Lani Blair, although it isn't clear in the film if they are actually kissing.

Subsequently, another video reportedly taken back in October 2017 has been leaked appearing to show Tristan kissing another woman in a nightclub.

Now, Khloe has allegedly responded to these cheating allegations.

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Rashad McCants (2009)

Remember this one? Nope? We didn't think so. Khloe dated Rashad McCants in 2009. Then, in 2017, he blamed Khloe for ruining his basketball career.

According to Page Six, Khloe “was devastated when she saw the pictures of Tristan with that girl, she went absolutely ballistic at him".

The publication added: “She is not only hurt, she is humiliated and worried for their child. How could he do this, and so publicly, when their baby daughter could arrive within a week?”

This comes as the Tristan’s ex Jordan Craig, who has a 15-month-old son named Prince Oliver with Tristan, posted a supportive message to Khloe on her Instagram story.

Jordan Craig

She wrote: "If you respect yourself and you respect others, you would never make light of the misfortune of anyone, nor would you feel indemnified when it comes at the expense of others."

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