Why is Khloe Kardashian in ‘meltdown mode’?

She's partying to mend her broken heart

khloe kardashian

by Heat |

Khloe Kardashian may seem cool, calm and collected - especially given the hard year she's had - but new reports are emerging that the coolest Kardashian sister is worrying her friends and family with her latest hard-partying phase

Radar Online reckons Khlo is going all-out in a bid to mend her broken heart.

Apparently the stress all began when Caitlyn Jenner transitioned - a source close to Khloe said: "Khloe is looking like the bad guy right now and that is really making her unhappy," adding that the fact she and Kendall recently got booed when they appeared on camera at a basketball game didn't help her state of mind.

Which is, right now, all over the place due to her long-awaited divorce from Lamar Odom.

"She doesn't want to finalise the divorce and Lamar isn't going to give her what she wants," the source said. "So it's at a standstill."

And that's not all - it doesn't help, according to the source (again), that her sisters have babies and international modelling careers either.

"Khloe loves spending time with Kourtney and Scott's kids, but every time she does it makes her sad that she doesn't have her own," the source said.

"Kourtney has three, Kim has two, and Khloe has none. And she's further away from having them than ever before."

Rivalry with Kendall also comes into it: "Khloe sees Kendall with this amazing international career and it just makes her jealous that she doesn't have anything going on," the source said.

"She doesn't really have anything that is hers within the family empire and that bothers her."

All this time, Khloe has been mostly living with hard-partying Rob (until she allegedly kicked him out for hooking up with Blac Chyna) but her family are concerned that they're bad influences on each other.

"Khloe's friends fear that she has been partying too hard with Rob," added the all-seeing, all-knowing source. "They've been doing it for years and that's one of the reasons he lived with her.

"But the rest of the family is really worried about her now and worried that she is heading into a dark place and they want her to stop. They're afraid that she has been drinking a lot. Khloe is falling apart."

Dark place? Falling apart? Sounds worrying. We hope Khlo is OK...

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