Baby number three for Khloé Kardashian

The youngest Kardashian sister is having another baby...with her ex

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Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson may have called it quits on their relationship, but that isn’t stopping them from extending their brood – with a source now telling heat that the reality star is keen to welcome another baby. If she can get her ex to agree, that is.

The couple have been co-parenting daughter True, five, and son Tatum, 21 months, since their split in 2021. Despite Tristan cheating on her, Khloé, 39, has said she harbours no bad blood towards the basketball player, 33, who even moved into her home last year after his own mansion flooded. And now we’re told that baby number three could be on the cards.

Our source says, “Khloé should be out dating and opening up her heart to someone new, but she only wants to be in mummy mode. True and Tatum are growing up so fast, and she’s already saying she misses having a little one. Of course, the only man in her life right now is Tristan. There’s nothing romantic between them, but the situation is working well, so she doesn’t see any reason why they shouldn’t have another baby.

“For all his faults, Tristan is a great dad. Plus, they’ve healed things so much. Khloé’s not angry with him the way she was back when Tatum was born, and feels they have a great co-parenting relationship. She really wants to have another baby and says they can use a surrogate again, the same way they did last time. Tristan isn’t so sure, but Khloé’s convinced she can persuade him.”

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The couple used a surrogate to have their second child in July 2022, after doctors discouraged the star from carrying another baby herself. Khloé previously shared, “It’s like an 80-something per cent chance that I will miscarry. I almost miscarried with True at the beginning.”

But using a surrogate wasn’t as easy as they may have hoped. Explaining that she found it more difficult to bond with Tatum, Khloé revealed during an episode ofThe Kardashians, “I was in a state of shock from my entire experience. I felt really guilty that this woman just had my baby, and then I take the baby and I go to another room, and you’re just sort of separated. I felt it’s such a transactional experience.”

Tristan and Khloé were first linked back in September 2016, getting together shortly after his split from girlfriend Jordan Craig, who was pregnant with their son Prince, now seven. But in 2018, Khloé’s world was turned upside down after Tristan was spotted kissing a woman in a nightclub, just days before she gave birth to True. The pair reconciled, only for Tristan to once again be unfaithful the following year, kissing close Kar-Jenner family friend Jordyn Woods at a party.

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In 2020, Khloé rekindled her romance with the sports star, but faced yet more heartbreak. News broke that Tristan had fathered a son – Theo, now two – with model Maralee Nichols, 33, while secretly engaged to Khloé. It was later revealed that he’d “encouraged” Khloé to undergo an embryo transfer just days before the paternity scandal hit headlines – with Khloé confirming that Tristan was aware he had potentially fathered another child when they conceived Tatum.

But despite their rocky past, we’re told that the co-parenting couple are focusing on the future. Our source says, “Khloé would love a little sister for True and it’s something True is asking for. Khloé is working on getting Tristan to agree to it, but she’s not letting that hold her up. She’s already started interviewing surrogates and getting a game plan together, so that once Tristan is onboard, all things are go. She knows plenty of people will judge her if she has another child with him, but she doesn’t care. She’s way past letting other people’s opinions run her life.

“The only person she needs to talk into this is Tristan.”

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