Khloe Kardashian ‘unhappy’ that Caitlyn Jenner mentions Kris Jenner in Vanity Fair interview

She tweeted and deleted a message about Caitlyn's comments regarding ex-wife Kris

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In a recent series of tweets, Khloe Kardashian continues to show her support for Caitlyn Jenner, but mentions that she was unhappy that Caitlyn mentioned her mother Kris Jenner.

Khloe was supposedly referring to a Vanity Fair interview, where Caitlyn - formerly known as Bruce - said the reason for her marriage breakdown with Kris was "20 per cent gender and 80 per cent the way I was treated".


The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star told one Twitter user: "I loved the Vanity Fair article! just didnt think Caitlyn needed to mention my mom in the article. Spread love and not hate." But the tweet now appears to have been deleted.

On the same day, Khloe also tweeted:

It seems Khloe merely wanted to voice her opinion to defend her mother, but also shut down another Twitter user when they tried to suggest she wasn't being totally supportive to Caitlyn.

"Why on earth would I not support her? Let's not start rumors please," Khloe replied.

Caitlyn Jenner in a promo shot for her reality TV series, I AM CAIT.
Caitlyn Jenner in a promo shot for her reality TV series, I AM CAIT.

At the end of the first episode of the much anticipated reality TV series I Am Cait, Kim Kardashian can be heard saying: "You don't have to bash us on your way up."

We're yet to know what Kim is referring to, as it will be revealed in episode two, but there appears to be some sort of tension between the two sisters and Caitlyn.

At this stage, Kris has kept relatively quiet on her former marriage.

She did however tell Vanity Fair: “He was married to me and he wasn’t who he wanted to be so he was miserable… All I was doing was working very hard for my family so that we could all have a wonderful future, and he was pissed off.

“At the end of my relationship with Bruce he definitely had a lot of social anxiety. That was one of the reasons we were in a struggle at the end.”

Caitlyn also described her relationship with Kris as: “She had her own money, she didn’t need me as much from that standpoint. The relationship was different.

“I think in a lot of ways she became less tolerant of me. Then I’d get upset and the whole relationship kind of fizzled.”

The comment that Khloe was probably unhappy about may have been when Caitlyn told the magazine: "A lot of times she wasn't very nice. People would see how I got mistreated. She controlled the money... all that kind of stuff."

Khloe continues to support Caitlyn.

Khloe and Kim, who have lived the majority of their lives in front of a camera, wanted to share their thoughts, but continue to show their love and support for Caitlyn.

After watching the first episode, Kim also tweeted that she loved Caitlyn's blue hair extensions, which naturally Kylie Jenner put in for her.

Watch the first time Kylie met Caitlyn here.

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