Is Kim Kardashian heading back to school to boost her IQ?

She’s sure to be top of the class!

Kim Kardashian

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She’s more successful than any of us could ever dream to be, but it seems Kim Kardashian wants something more: to be taken seriously.

Saying that, her naked Paper magazine cover didn’t quite achieve that!

Reports claim that reality TV star Kim, 34, wants to boost her IQ and focus her time on studying in a bid to become smarter.

Talking to Radar Online, an insider exclusively revealed Kim’s schooling plans. “She realizes, deep down, that her IQ isn’t where she wants it to be, and the only way to work on it is to study,” the source said.

“For the past decade and a half she’s been on this life or death mission to get famous, that’s been her whole focus, versus broadening her horizons intellectually.”

The reality TV star has previously used her savvy business mentality to build herself (and her family) an entire fortune, which includes fashion, perfumes, an app, Dash boutiques, make up, TV appearances and loads more.

So why choose now to improve her IQ?

“Kanye’s been encouraging her to try new things during this pregnancy and education is top of the list,” the source further claims. “She’s looking at classes she can take from home, with the help of a private tutor.”

And after Kanye’s claim that he’s the greatest ever rock star, maybe Mrs Kardashian West feels a little inadequate with his huge ego flying around!

Words By Hannah Last

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