Kim Kardashian is “dreaming of being the next First Lady of America”

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by Sophie Bronstein |
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Reality star Kim Kardashian is reportedly hoping to become the next First Lady of the United States, according to sources.

When it comes to bombshells, the Kardashians' are no strangers - but we think this one may be a little unrealistic.

According to a source close to Kim Kardashian, she has claimed that she is genuinely hoping to one day follow in Michelle Obama and Melania Trumps footsteps and become the First Lady of America.

Husband Kanye, 41, has previously spoken out about one day running for president, even though he can't officially begin his bid for power until 2024.

The source revealed to Closer: “Kim is dreaming of becoming the next Michelle Obama and becoming the most loved and powerful woman on earth,”.

“Although it’s six years before Kanye can stand for election, she knows she has to start preparing now by creating a more serious image.

"She’s already setting the plan in motion and has been genning up on a host of political issues, picking out topics she wants to focus on once Kanye is in power, as well as choosing a new team to join her at The White House and remodelling herself as the perfect wife and mother.”

And, so far, Kim has made quite a bit of change - especially after liaising with President Trump and convincing him to grant clemency to great-grandmother and former drug dealer, Alice Johnson.

The source also added that she knows her days are limited when it comes to making money from flaunting her body on social media, and she now wants people to take her more seriously.

They said, “She can’t wait for the future and to cement her new role on a world platform, where she can be more respected and valued – and prove she’s more than just a reality star."

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