Kim Kardashian and Kanye West slum it in ECONOMY class – despite being worth £100MILLION

Ah… so THAT'S how rich people stay rich

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West slum it in ECONOMY class - despite being worth £100MILLION

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Kanye West's whining again. Something about the lack of champagne back here. He keeps getting out of his seat to stretch his legs, and Kim Kardashian's caught him muttering about deep-vein thrombosis as he massages his lower legs. One thing's for sure: next time they fly, she's definitely checking him in as hold luggage.

Newlove snapped the couple snoozing in their teeny little seats, Kanye's legs pressed right up against the food tray, and the entire internet went up in flames.

It does at least look like they've booked the entire row of seats to spread out in. Either that or they got lucky, because some other passenger asked not to be seated in between one of the world's most famous showbiz partnerships.

Obviously, as the determined celebrity reporters that we are, we did some background research. The cheapest tickets we found flying out of LA to Yerevan for two adults was $745 (£492), which for a 17-hour flight with a stopover in Moscow sounds like a barg.

On the other hand, if the second adult was Kanye, we'd pay double that just to sit away from him. Swings and roundabouts, innit.

Kanye West actually smiling


Kanye West actually smiling

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Like a rare moonbeam

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The 'Got This In Oxfam Wolverhampton For A Tenner Didn't I'

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The 'She's There, Isn't She Honey? She's Right There Listening To Me, Isn't She. Holy F***.'

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