This is what Kim Kardashian looks like surrounded by outfit ‘khaos’

Kim Kardashian has shared a rare, imperfect insight into her usually flawless life

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by Fiona Day |
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Another day, another selfie from Kim Kardashian.

But this time, she’s slightly less posed and pouting and she’s slightly less groomed to perfecting.

Instead, Kim appears with no make up and running her hand through unbrushed hair, standing in a scene of destruction as she has the all-to-familiar battle with her wardrobe.

Remote on the floor, shoes strewn everywhere, piles of clothes building up around her and a toddler entertaining herself in the ruins.

Kim, 33, looks quite frankly miserable (but very toned and taut) as 1-year-old North West attempts to help her out of her wardrobe dilemma.

We have to say, this makes us feel a little bit better about the mess we leave behind every day before stepping out the door as we decide what to wear. Even Kim has outfit struggles, too!

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