Kim Kardashian now has more Instagram followers than THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF CANADA

Her army could literally invade and defeat half the world's countries now

Kim Kardashian instagram

by Emmeline Saunders |
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International relations news now, and are the world's leaders aware that Kim Kardashian now owns and controls an army of 40 million via the medium of her Instagram? Because we reckon they might want to keep an eye on her if not.

Yep, the reality kween tweeted last night to update the world on how she's now amassed 40 million followers on IG. We've done the maths and concluded this is: worrying.

Because Kim Kardashian now has more followers than the populations of Canada, Australia and Argentina. It's the equivalent of every single man, woman and baby in Hungary, Tunisia, the Czech Republic AND Belgium hitting that heart symbol on her selfies.

Essentially, if Kim Kardashian wanted to invade the borders of Peru with her Insta-army, there's nothing they could do about it. They'd be completely outnumbered.

The only good thing to come out of this is that neither Kim nor her momager Kris Jenner have cottoned onto the vast amount of power they now hold.

Because you know what would happen if they had: Kris would be all up at the White House demanding Obama moves out immediately, Kanye West would be asking for his own stash of nuclear weapons to use on the next paparazzi to get on his wrong side, and North West would become the new head of Homeland Security, and you really can't put toddlers in control of Guantanamo Bay.

Anyway, congratulations Kim. We think.

Flashback! Kim Kardashian's maternity wardrobe baby number 2


Flashback! Kim Kardashian's maternity wardrobe baby number 2

London, June 20151 of 8

London, June 2015

Working girl scout chic in khaki shades, Kim added double belts from Kanye's wardrobe to finish.

London, June 20152 of 8

London, June 2015

Kimmy looked like the Black Swan version of Marilyn Monroe in this Givenchy skirt and top combo, showing off her impressive cleavage.

LAX Airport, June 20153 of 8

LAX Airport, June 2015

Draped trenches are a big fave of Kim's and for good reason. They instantly smarten up a look as well as covering a multitude of sins.

LA, June 20154 of 8

LA, June 2015

Only in her early stages of pregnancy, Kim looked fab in this Balmain co-ord. The star threw on an oversized denim jacket (possibly Kanye's) over for extra style points.

LA, June 20155 of 8

LA, June 2015

Va-va-VOOM. We can clearly see a bump, albeit tiny and very neat.

LAX Airport, June 20156 of 8

LAX Airport, June 2015

When your hubby is a mega fashion designer-slash-lover, you can borrow his clothes! Kim covered up with Kanye's army jacket, doubling her greens.

Heathrow Airport, June 20157 of 8

Heathrow Airport, June 2015

Not the most comfortable outfit for travelling but we bet she changed into cashmere pjs once she was onboard, eh? Still, she looks AMAZE.

New York, June 20158 of 8

New York, June 2015

Not long after they announced to the world they were expecting their 2nd child, Kimye hit the red carpet looking over the moon. Well, Kim did. And she braved a sheer frock for the occasion, revealing big knicks and a sturdy bra.

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