Guess which celeb has overtaken Kim Kardashian as the most followed on Instagram?

She's got a staggering 45.5 MILLION followers!

Kim Kardashian

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Move over Kim Kardashian, because Taylor Swift has just knocked you off the top spot as far as Instagram followers go.

As of this week, the singer has surpassed the reality TV star and taken her ‘Most Followed on Instagram’ crown right off her head.

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    Swifty now has a mind blowing 45.6 million followers, and Kim narrowly falls behind with 45.5 million.

    Tough luck, Kim-K! We’re sure you'll Shake It Off.

    Only a few days ago the boastful Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted this picture to her account, saying: “45 million Instagram followers!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!"

    And then thanked her followers for the “insta love” with a pouty selfie, of course.

    Taylor hasn’t mentioned anything about her latest achievement just yet, but has simply continued to post adorbs photos of her cats, such as:


    And let's not forgetthat snap of her wearing a jumper of her own face!

    Beyonce currently stands at third place in the rankings with 45 million followers. Still pretty impressive!

    We were haps when our followers tipped over the 200 benchmark – rejoice!

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