Kim Kardashian overtakes Beyonce with Instagram followers!

Mrs West vs Mrs Carter!

kim kardashian beyonce

by Maria Vallahis |

It's a battle for the Queen of Instagram.

Kim Kardashian has only gone and done the impossible - surpassed Queen Bey to become the most-followed person on Instagram.

According to* Tech Insider*, Kimmy did it all overnight by hitting the 44,005,604 followers mark.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé lagged behind at around 43,935,64. Beats our 352 followers.


According to reports, the* Keeping Up With The Kardashians* has been getting more Insta-followers quicker than you can say "Bob's your uncle".

There are lots of reasons both ladies are popular on the social media platform - for one, they both have very famous rappers as husbands - Kim's married to Kanye West and Beyonce to Jay Z - and their daughters North West and Blue Ivy Carter are also very popular, even if they are only toddlers.

However Kimmy does post much more often than Beyonce and discloses a LOT more information about her private life - what with being a reality TV star and all that. Beyonce is more recluse.

Now although they're at the top of the most-follower *person *on Instagram, it is in fact @Instagram itself which has the most followers, with 94 million.

So you've got a lot of work to do girls.

Let's take a look at some of Queen Bey's and Kimmy's most recent Insta-snaps.

Kim recently supported her hubby on stage in LA for the FYF Fest...

Kimye posing.

While Bey posted a caption-less snap, with the back of Jay Z's head, Blue Ivy trying to take a seat and Beyonce herself enjoying a holiday.

The Carters on holiday.

Since the news broke of Kim overtaking Beyonce, Kimmy posted a picture with her sisters during dinner at Nobu...

Sister sandwich!

But we feel like Beyonce will make a come back, because she receives almost 1 million likes on all her posted pictures, while Kim only touches 500k sometimes 800k likes.

Do you feel as strongly about this situation as I do?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West share new pics of North West christening:


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West share new pics of North West christening

Kim Kardashian North West christening 1
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Kim Kardashian North West christening 2
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Kim Kardashian North West christening 3
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Kim Kardashian North West christening 4
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Kim Kardashian North West christening 5
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