Kim Kardashian buys HERSELF a promise ring from Pete Davidson

While Kanye continues to pursue her

Kim Kardashian Pete Wicks

by Katie Holloway |

There’s more drama happening in Kim Kardashian’s life right now than, well, an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While her ex-husband Kanye West continues his campaign to halt their divorce and rekindle their relationship, we’re told Kim is busy progressing things with boyfriend Pete Davidson.

“She’s not even divorced yet, but that hasn’t stopped Kim from planning her future with Pete – including buying a ‘promise’ ring from her favourite jewellery store,” a source close to the mum of four tells heat. “She and Kris are cooking up how it’ll play out on their new reality show and when to make the announcement. It won’t matter if she’s not officially divorced by then, and assuming all continues to go well, she wants them to follow up with an official engagement as soon as possible.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West
Kim and her estranged husband Kanye West ©Getty

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Someone who might have something to say about it, though, is Kanye, who last week very publicly declared he still loved Kim after breaking off his fling with actress Julia Fox. As well as delivering a truck full of roses and emblazoned with the words, “My vision is krystal klear” to Kim on Valentine’s Day, Kanye slammed Pete in a series of social media posts. The rapper shared private texts between himself and the 28-year-old comedian, which showed Pete had written, “As a man I’d never get in the way of your children. That’s a promise. How you guys go about raising your kids is your business and not mine. I do hope [some] day I can meet them, and we can all be friends.”

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To which Kanye responded, “No, you will never meet my children.”

Kanye – who’s been open about his struggles with bipolar disorder – also shared texts from Kim asking him to leave Pete alone, writing, “[You] are creating a dangerous and scary environment and someone will hurt Pete, and this will all be your fault.” She then later asked why Kanye wasn’t keeping their conversation private, to which he responded, “Cause I got a text from my favourite person in the world. I’m your number one fan. Why wouldn’t I tell everyone?!”

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But we’re told that Kim, 41, is trying to focus on the benefits of her four-month relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete. “This relationship is a win-win for both of them,” our insider says. “Pete is giving Kim a new edge and helping her send a clear message to Kanye that she’s moved on. And Pete’s profile has skyrocketed since they got together. He’s getting offers non-stop. He just signed on to star in a huge thriller and he’s in talks to host the Oscars.”

The source adds, “Pete feels bad about everything that Kanye is putting Kim through. He’s happy to help take the pressure off her by going along with what she wants and filming scenes for her TV show. It doesn’t hurt that it’s making him some serious money at the same time.”

Read more in this week's heat magazine, out now

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