Kim Kardashian reveals bleached eyebrows in latest magazine cover

Kim Kardashian looked all ‘fashion’ in her latest shoot

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by Fiona Day |
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Reallity star Kim Kardashian has revealed the cover which she bleached her famous eyebrows for on Instagram.

The mum-of-one released a teaser of Love magazine via her Instagram, which showed her dressed on colourful furs and with her famous power brows all bleached off.

She explained: “Working with @stevenkleinstudio was so crazy for me! We shot for 3 days straight at a motel in LA. One night til 4am. @kegrand dressed me in all vintage and custom @Prada and bleached my brows! Can't wait for u to see 30+ page spread with Steven Klein for Love Magazine.”

The snap comes months after Kim posed with sister Kendall Jenner with bleached brows, prompting murmurs over why she had messed with her already perfect eye brows,

The high fashion shoot comes weeks after she ‘broke’ the Internet with her nude paper cover, proving that she plans to continue to shock in 2015.

What will you come up with next Kimmy?

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