Kim Kardashian seems to think ‘pregnancy lips’ are a thing; scientists are baffled

Kim’s carrying her unborn child inside her pout, apparently

kim kardashian pregnancy lips

by Emmeline Saunders |
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It doesn’t take much for Kim Kardashian to whip out her front camera and document her every moment – but this kinda takes the biscuit.

Because the 34-year-old reality star has insisted that the world come and see her ‘pregnancy lips’, which have apparently swelled up due to the fact there’s a human child growing inside her uterus.


Kim posted the selfie to her Instagram and captioned it with the words “pregnancy lips” and a kissy lip emoji, just in case people didn’t know what she was talking about.

Now it’s not for us to pour scorn on any celebrity’s dubious grasp of human anatomy – this reporter still gets confused about her liver to kidney ratio – but… pregnancy lips??? Really, Kim?

Some quick googling extensive research shows some women get swelling lips during the later stages of their pregnancies, but lots of them put it down to illness or slight allergies, not whatever the hell Kim thinks is floating round her bloodstream right now.

Although, other celebs have claimed in the past to have experienced the same thing. Jessica Simpson and Abbey Clancy both had swollen lips when they were expecting, which midwife Virginia Howes told us is because of all the extra blood in the body.

"Yes, absolutely," the author of The Baby's Coming told heat. "When you're pregnant, your body produces more blood (up to 50 per cent more) to protect you, as women lose blood when they give birth."

She added: "All the areas of your body that are vascular and have lots of nerve endings, like your lips, have more blood in them and therefore become more swollen."

There you go, then.

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Are pregnancy lips really a thing?

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