Kim Kardashian shares VERY BAD beauty tip

Don’t do this at home, girls and boys

by Georgina Terry |
Published on

Kim Kardashian, queen of contouring, knows a thing or two about beauty.

Or so you’d think.

Kim has blurted out one of her make-up secrets, which is so very terrible we are almost scared to share it with you.


Kim has admitted – wait for it – that she sleeps with her make-up on and (AND!) wears the same make-up the next day.

Hang on, that means she isn’t washing her face in the morning either. Come on, Kim. Where’s your self-respect?

Kim dropped the truth bomb at the InStyle Awards when she was introducing winner of Make-up Artist of the Year, Charlotte Tilbury.

Kim told the crowd: “Charlotte Tilbury is my hero because she has never let her husband see her without make-up on.

"She sleeps with her makeup on. She’s my idol. She’s inspired me when I am really lazy and I can’t do my make-up the next day, I’ll sleep in my make-up. “

"I know that’s probably the worst advice."

"But she has all the magic creams to put on the next day to make up for it.”

Yes it is the worst advice, skin-wise. It really is.

And as for never letting your husband see you without your make up on? Sheesh.

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