Kim Kardashian tells Bruce Jenner: ‘Don’t steal my glam squad!’

Kim Kardashian’s told Bruce Jenner to stay away from her harem of make-up artists…


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Kim Kardashian has been fully supportive of her step-dad Bruce Jenner’s gender transition. Last Friday night, Bruce gave an interview on ABC with Diane Sawyer and said she’d been the “most accepting” of his journey.

Bruce added: “For all intents and purposes, I'm a woman. I have the soul of a female and my brain in much more female than it is male, as of now I have all the male parts.”


But although Kim’s standing by him, along with the rest of the family, there’s one thing that could tear them apart. The ‘glam squad’.

Yes, last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live Kim joked that she’d had a word with Bruce about poaching her huge team of make-up-artists and stylists. “Bruce is doing really well,” Kim said.

“He is so happy. I think it’s a sense of relief from all the amazing support he’s felt. The only thing is, whatever you do, do not steal my glam team — they are mine! Like, there’s too many girls in this family … Whatever help you need, you have to look and feel your best and if you need help with anything — style-wise, glam-wise, I am here to help you.”

Hear that Bruce, Kim’s here to help. Or should that be Kanye…


Kim Kardashian's best internet reaction and meme viral pictures

kim-kardashian-mrs-doubtfire-sofa1 of 16


The time Kim Kardashian dressed as a Mrs Doubtfire AND a sofa at the Met Ball in New York in 2013

kim-kardashian-met-gala-dress-homer-simpson2 of 16


Or was she copying the outfit Homer Simpson opted for after he put on a bit of weight

kim-karashian-scared-miley-cyrus-bum3 of 16


And let's not forget the time she tried to take a Selfie with Miley Cyrus but the singer thrust her bum at her and threw Kim into a state of terror

kim-kardashian-basketball-scared-face4 of 16


it seems people love it when Kim gets scared because when this basketball came flying at her mug her fellow spectators got an instant face transplant with the same expression. Anyone else think Kim's surrounding faces look a bit like her mum Kris Jenner?

kim-kardashian-wonderwoman-halloween-costume5 of 16


Kim has always been a big fan of Halloween and often dresses up in costumes like this. Here she is Superwoman. Can you see it?

kim-kardashian-wonderwoman-boobs-face6 of 16


Well, it seems she didn't realise just how big the costume made her boobs look. Queue shocked face!

kim-kardsahian-halloween-pumpkin-picture7 of 16


Kim has quite a talent when it comes to throwing a Halloween costume here. Pumpkin or Kim? Pumpkin or Kim? Hmmmm. Who knows?!

kim-kardashian-pregnant-crying-face-foot8 of 16


Of course, Kim's crying face is absolutely epic and can pop up at any time. here it is on her FOOT when it expanded while she was pregnant

paris-hilton-kim-kardashian-red-carpet9 of 16


It hasn't always been about Kim. Remember when she was pals with Paris Hilton and Paris was the bigger star? HILAR!

kim-kardashian-black-white-killer-whale-dress10 of 16


After Kim and Paris had their falling out the reality star found other friends to hang out with - in this case she made some new, and very different kinds of pals, by dressing as a killer whale

kim-kardashian-morphed-killer-whale11 of 16


Kim became so at one with her new friends she even morphed into one of them

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-matching-cleavage-lanvin-paris-fashion-week12 of 16


Eventually Kim found the perfect partner in Kanye West - perhaps because they have matching boobs

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-bathroom-selfie13 of 16


But Kanye soon grew VERY tired of Kim's endless selfie taking

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-zipwire14 of 16


And Kanye often found himself contemplating the meaning of life while Kim was having a whale of a time

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-fat15 of 16


But they soon found happiness and grew old and, erm, comfortable together

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-baby-mock-up-picture16 of 16


And they then had a baby together who looked JUST LIKE THIS

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