Kim Kardashian tops list of celebrities that people want to live with

Potential new candidate for Wife Swap?


by Rebecca Heyes |
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Move over Taylor Swift, it seems like Kim Kardashian really is the woman of the moment.

Not only is she excitedly expecting her second baby, speaking to audiences at prestigious members clubs about her experiences and continually flaunting the best behind this side of London, she is now officially top of the list of celebrities that people actually want to live with.

And yes, it’s a real list.

Lucky Kim beat the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Anniston, Emma Watson and David Beckham to the top spot.

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He came in at a measly fifth place.

We can imagine Kim being pretty fun to live with, and she’d have plenty of clothes and shoes to go round.

And staff. Don’t forget the staff.

You wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

Kim K in all her winning glory

The survey was conducted by, where 1,436 people aged 18 and over were asked to rate which celebrities they'd like to have as their flatmate.

The top ten were as follows-

  1. Kim Kardashian West – 62% (answered that they'd like to live with her)

  2. Benedict Cumberbatch – 56%

  3. Taylor Swift – 53%

  4. Ed Miliband – 47%

  5. David Beckham – 45%

  6. Emma Watson – 41%

  7. Jennifer Aniston – 40%

  8. Ryan Gosling – 37%

  9. Pharrell Williams – 34%

  10. Zoella – 33%

Can’t say it’s far wrong. Well done Kim.


Flashback! Kim Kardashian's maternity wardrobe baby number 2

London, June 20151 of 8

London, June 2015

Working girl scout chic in khaki shades, Kim added double belts from Kanye's wardrobe to finish.

London, June 20152 of 8

London, June 2015

Kimmy looked like the Black Swan version of Marilyn Monroe in this Givenchy skirt and top combo, showing off her impressive cleavage.

LAX Airport, June 20153 of 8

LAX Airport, June 2015

Draped trenches are a big fave of Kim's and for good reason. They instantly smarten up a look as well as covering a multitude of sins.

LA, June 20154 of 8

LA, June 2015

Only in her early stages of pregnancy, Kim looked fab in this Balmain co-ord. The star threw on an oversized denim jacket (possibly Kanye's) over for extra style points.

LA, June 20155 of 8

LA, June 2015

Va-va-VOOM. We can clearly see a bump, albeit tiny and very neat.

LAX Airport, June 20156 of 8

LAX Airport, June 2015

When your hubby is a mega fashion designer-slash-lover, you can borrow his clothes! Kim covered up with Kanye's army jacket, doubling her greens.

Heathrow Airport, June 20157 of 8

Heathrow Airport, June 2015

Not the most comfortable outfit for travelling but we bet she changed into cashmere pjs once she was onboard, eh? Still, she looks AMAZE.

New York, June 20158 of 8

New York, June 2015

Not long after they announced to the world they were expecting their 2nd child, Kimye hit the red carpet looking over the moon. Well, Kim did. And she braved a sheer frock for the occasion, revealing big knicks and a sturdy bra.

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