Kim Kardashian will NOT be naming her second child South West! *Phew*

Here's why...


by Maria Vallahis |
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We are REALLY pleased to hear Kim Kardashian won't be naming her second child 'South West'.

Her first child - daughter North - with husband Kanye West is fine but you can't go naming your entire clan North, South, East and West. Imagine West West? Just no.

Luckily the Keeping Up With Kardashians star said the rumours that 'South' would happen were "ridiculous".

Speaking to the NPR show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me, she said: "I don't like South West though, because North will always be better, and she has a better direction.

“I wouldn’t do that [set them up in conflict with each other]. I don’t think we’ll go with another direction."

However apparently friends and family members are suggesting baby names and 'everyone' keeps suggesting 'South'. Again, no.

“You’ll be surprised at all the names people do send us,” she replied when asked if her nearest and dearest were suggesting names.

“I mean, everyone keeps saying South, and I think that’s so stupid. It’s the stupidest thing ever,and just ridiculous.”

Kim recently took to her Twitter to clear up a few rumours that were circulating. She posted: "So many rumors...we are not having twins, yes I am carrying my own baby lol & we have not told anyone the sex of our baby yet! (sic)"

Also unless you hear any news about Kimmy from Kimmy herself, then the rumours aren't true, as she continued to clear up: "Nothing is confirmed unless you hear it from me!"

The announcement of her second pregnancy was confirmed in an episode of KUWTK.

What do you think Kim should call her second child? Let us know via @heatworld Twitter and Facebook.


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