Here is why everyone is livid with Kim Kardashian’s latest makeup collection

It's not okay, Kim K

Kim K

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Kim Kardashian may be no stranger to controversy (hello v. naked nudes and little care for culture appropriation), yet her latest move has left fans really bloody mad.

The reality star turned Kween of the Universe is about to release her latest collection from her KKW cosmetics range, which are named after her own moniker. Self-indulgent? Yes slightly, though we are all for it.

At a first glance, the concealer collection was hailed for it's 'diversity of skin tones' after it was announced that the concealer comes in 16 different shades.

However, fans have pointed out that the collection is very limited when it comes to darker skin tones.

In fact, only six of the concealers were aimed at people of colour.

’10 for white people, 2 for mixed race and 4, for kind of black. Issa fail,’ slammed one fan.

In a KKW photo promoting the products, the darker swatches were hidden out of site, which angered fans further.

Looks like you're selling 50 shades of beige, Kim hun.

One social media user wrote, '‘Kim kardashian literally has a daughter of color & is married to a black man and has the audacity to launch this BS shade range & put it on a model of color and HIDES the only 4 dark shades she’s launching ? [sic]’

Another user slammed Kim and said the Kardashian/Jenner family were only keen to ‘profit off of black people’ but don’t actually want to give anything back.

Another user hilariously commented, 'who cares, we're all buying Fenty anyway.'

Kim has yet to respond to race allegations.

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