Kimberley Walsh admits sometimes she switches X Factor over for Strictly Come Dancing! Sorry Cheryl!

Girls divided.


by Maria Vallahis |
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Kimberley Walsh has admitted she would choose* Strictly Come Dancing* over* The X Factor*, despite being besties with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - one of X Factor's judges.

But it's OK because Cheryl is apparently OK with it. Phew. We didn't want a Girls Aloud TV rivalry now.

Former Strictly finalist Kimberley says: “Now Cheryl is back on X Factor, I have to watch both. So on Saturday night I’m really torn.

“Usually I watch X Factor live, but I sometimes switch to Strictly if it’s an important week. Cheryl is fine about it – she knows I get obsessed with Strictly! I absolutely love it.”


So although the 33-year-old wants to stay loyal to her former band member's job role on the ITV singing competition, she can't help but keep split her loyalty for her beloved BBC1 dancing show.

Kimberley also spoke about Cheryl's visibly dramatic weight loss, which has caused fans to worry that Chezza may not be alright.

“She’s OK,” she says. “That’s the most important thing. She’s enjoying what she’s doing, she’s enjoying being back on X Factor.

“It’s quite hard to have to constantly read things like that about her. The main thing is she’s OK. But there’s a lot of pressure obviously put on all of us in that respect.”

Kimbo also ruled out a possible Girls Aloud reunion - BOO.

“We’re grown women,” she continued.

“Nadine has got her little girl, I’ve got my little boy Bobby.”

HOWEVER! OUR hopes are still alive when she added: “Who knows, something could happen that will bring us back together at some point.”

Whose team are you on: Strictly or X Factor?

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