What has Kourtney Kardashian done to her BUM?

It's the exact size and shape of two cantaloupes fighting in a drawstring bag

kourtney kardashian april 2016 smiling black top long hair

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Kourtney Kardashian bum news, and Kourtney Kardashian's bum has apparently started campaigning for its own postcode now – have you seen the size of it recently?

Its owner, actual Kourtney Kardashian, posted a snap of her bikini-clad arse on Instagram, captioning it: "Selfie camera view."


Seriously, we've been trying to type these words for a long time now, but we keep being drawn back to those perfectly formed globes encased within the smallest leopard print bikini bottoms we've ever seen.

Apart from on Coco Austin, obvs.

And yes: we are aware that it is a Monday morning and we're already being giant pervs. #Sorrynotsorry.

So is Kourtney trying to pull a Kim Kardashian and steal her bum-thunder? Her bumder? Kourt has been on a giant health kick since giving birth to third baby Aston Reign in December 2014, so it's no wonder she's excited about showing off the results.

And just in case there are any Photoshop-truthers out there frantically trying to work out which of the many filters Kourtney may have placed over her arse, she also posted THIS picture of the bum-shot being taken.


Given sister Kim's propensity for taking ALL her clothes off at the moment, what next for the Kardashian klan and their willingness to show us EVERYTHING? Kris Jenner's actual endoscopy live-streamed on Periscope? Because we would totally watch that tbh.

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